Auxiliary equipment for thermal power plants and cellulose boilers

Gas ducts

Gas ducts divert the high-temperature stack gas from boilers, made of chromed molybdenum steel.

Air ducts

Air ducts preheat the air required for combustion and direct it into the boilers.

Airfoils and Venturis

Equipment that measures the speed and pressure of the air in the gas ducts.

Air regulators

This equipment regulates the amount of primary and secondary pressure in the boilers and ensures an optimal combustion process.


This equipment compensates for the linear thermal expansion that is caused in air and gas ducts by the high temperatures in air and gas ducts.

Heat exchangers

Heater exchangers for boilers (LUVO).

Filter modules

Removes stack gasses from boilers.


Hoppers made of high-alloy, stainless steel that are intended for the collection of combustion products with a high sulphur and acidic content.


For transporting the combustion products from the boilers to the repositories.

Service platforms, stairs and railings

Service platforms, stairs and railings to be used by the personnel that service boilers.